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Fiche individuelle d'un doctorant ou chercheur associé
Mickaël I. Krauss, Professeur à l'Université George Mason (2010)

Carleton University
BA cum laude , [Sociology and History] 1973
Scholarships for Academic Excellence in 1970, '71, 72, 73

Université de Sherbrooke [Quebec], Faculté de droit
LL.B. summa cum laude 1976
Scholarships for academic excellence in 1974, '75, '76
Rank: First in the Law school each year, with the highest overall Grade Point Average in the history of the Law school.

Yale Law School
LL.M. 1978
Commonwealth Scholar; Viscount Bennett Fellow (Canadian Bar Association);
Mackenzie-King Scholar; Yale University Fellow; "Boursier du Québec".

Columbia University Law School
Doctoral residency requirements completed 1983
Columbia University Law and Economics Institute Fellow; "Fellow" of the Social Science Research Council of Canada.

Current professionnel activities
- Active member, Virginia State Bar:

- Secretary, Board of Governors, Section on Education of Lawyers, 1998-2002

- Co-developer of Virginia's compulsory law school professionalism course.

- Member, Board of Directors, National Association of Scholars

- Member, Advisory Board, Virginia Institute for Public Policy, Sterling VA

- Member, Advisory Board, Calvert Institute, Baltimore MD

- Salvatori Fellow,The Heritage Foundation

- Contributor, Point Of Law weblog

Significant past employment and community service
- Université de Sherbrooke, Professor of Law

- University of Toronto, Professor of Law

- Co-director and Co-founder, Canadian Civil Law Common Law Exchange Program

- Selected as Law Clerk: Justice Louis-Philippe Pigeon, Supreme Court of Canada

- Attorney, Pratte, Marseille & Assoc., Québec City, Canada

- Commission des droits de la personne du Québec, Commissioner, 1983-87

- President, Virginia Association of Scholars , 1996-2002

- James Madison Program Fellow, Princeton University, 2010.


Newspaper (print and electronic) "op-eds": Fox News Online, Wall Street Journal, Christian Science Monitor, Investors' Business Daily, Baltimore Sun, Washington Times, Birmingham Star, Milwaukee Sentinel, St. Louis Post Dispatch, Financial Post (Canada), Knight-Ridder Syndication Service, Japan Times, [Montreal] La Presse, Montreal Gazette, [Montreal] Le Devoir, [Toronto] Globe and Mail, countless regional and weekly papers in the U.S., numerous newspapers in Central and South America.

Magazine articles: FORBES, The Weekly Standard, Policy Review; Liberty; Reason; National Review; St. Croix Review; American Outlook (Hudson Institute); numerous French-language magazines.

National Review Online, Tech Central Station, Fox News Online, Frontpage, The American Thinker: Forbes online, frequent online contributor.

Radio and Television: Fox News, NPR Marketplace, CNN Crossfire, C-SPAN, C.B.C., Radio-Canada, West German Radio, Voice of America, America's Voice.

Featured debater: Point Of Law discussion of Federalism and Federal Product Liability Reform.

Authorized blogger: Point of Law

Numerous reports and studies for the Washington Legal Foundation.

Studies for North Carolina's John Locke Foundation, and for the Maryland Public Policy Institute

Occasional contributor, Legal Times.

U.S.A.I.D. Report: The Nature of the American Legal System, 1992 [translated into 6 languages and distributed throughout Europe]

Principles of Products Liability, West Publishing, 2010 [Concise Hornbook Series]

"Rape on the Washington Southern: Industrialization Meets Proximate Cause in Virginia", draft, forthcoming as a law review article in 2010

“Retributive Damages” and the Death of Private Ordering, 158 U. PA. L. REV. PENNUMBRA 167 (2010).

"Collateral Source and Tort's Soul", [co-authored with J. Kidd], forthcoming, 48 Louisville Law Review 1 (2009)

“Critters and Blasting and Torts, Oh Dear” [co-authored with M. Dion],11 The Green Bag, Winter 2008

"Rule of Law", International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences . Ed. William A. Darity, Jr.. Vol. 7. 2nd ed. Detroit: Macmillan Reference USA 2008

"Duke's Disgrace" [book review], Academic Questions, v. 21, 2008

"Punitive Damages and the Supreme Court: A Tragedy in Five Acts", [2007] Cato Supreme Court Review 315-335

"Public Services Meet Private Law" 44 San Diego L. Rev. 1 (2007)

"Palsgraf: The Rest of the Story", 9 The Green Bag 299 (2006)

"Reflections on the Perpetual Myth of the University as Seeker of Truth", 11 Cardozo Women's L. J. 581 (2006)

Legal Ethics in a Nutshell, 2nd Edition (co-authored with Ron Rotunda), West Publications, 2006.

International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, 2nd Edition. Macmillan Reference USA (Thomson Gale), 2006. "Rule of Law."

"In Defense of the Free Public Services Doctrine" [work in progress, draft completed], 2006

Can Tort Reform and Federalism Coexist? (co-authored with Robert Levy), 2004 Cato Institute Policy Analysis

"Punitive Damages and the Supreme Court: A Tragedy in Five Acts" 4:2 EngageEngage is the Federalist Society's flagship publication).

Legal Ethics in a Nutshell, 1st Edition (co-authored with Ron Rotunda), West Publications, 2003: click here to purchase a copy.

"Federalism and Product Liability: One More Trip to the Choice-of-Law Well", 2002 Brigham Young University Law Review 759

"The Role of the Supreme Court in Preserving Federalism", 1 Georgetown J. of L. & Pub. Policy 43 (2002) [Inaugural Issue] 118 (2003)

“Regulation Masquerading as Judgment: Chaos Masquerading as Tort Law”, 71 Mississippi Law Journal 619 (2001)

"The Lawyer as Limo: A Concise History of the Hired Gun", 8 U. of Chicago Law School Roundtable 325 (2001)

"Tort Reform", CATO Institute's Handbook for 107th Congress, 2001,

"NAFTA Meets The American Torts Crisis: The Loewen Case", 9 George Mason Law Review 69 (2001),

"Corrupting the Rule of Law", 13 (2) Academic Questions 38 (May 2000) [symposium issue, "Professional Education and Our Culture"]

Fire and Smoke: Government Recoupment Suits and the Rule of Law, Independent Institute, May 2000.

Restoring the Boundary: Tort Law and the Right to Contract, CATO Institute

"Tort Law, Moral Accountability and Efficiency,", 2 Journal of Markets and Morality

"So Sue Them, Sue Them" (with Robert A. Levy), The Weekly Standard, May 24, 1999

"Property Rules and Liability Rules," International Encyclopedia of Law and Economics 1999

"Tort Reform", chapter of the CATO Institute's Handbook for 106th Congress, 1999.

"The Student Aid Game: Meeting Need and Rewarding Talent in American Higher Education", by McPherson and Schapiro, [Book Review] 11 (4) Academic Questions (Fall 1998) 90.

The Troubling State of General Education: A Study of Six Virginia Public Colleges and Universities, 1998 [nationally acclaimed Virginia Association of Scholars study of higher education]

"Existe un responsabilidad moral en la ley?", 14 Revista de la Facultad de Derecho, Universitad Francisco Marroquin 32 (1997)

"A Civil Action" [book review], 59 Modern Law Review 628 (1996)

"Loosening the Food and Drug Administration's Drug Certification Monopoly:George Mason Law Review 325 (1996).

"Tort Damages for Lost Future Income", 31 Gonzaga Law Review 325 (1996) (co-author: Robert A. Levy).

"David Hoffman", Policy Review, The Heritage Foundation (1996).

"La reglementation et le marche dans le developpement des normes", 5 Journal des Economistes et des Etudes Humaines 573 (1995).

"Regulation vs. Markets in the Development of Standards", (1994) 3 Southern California Interdisciplinary Law Review

"The Record of the United States - Canada Dispute Resolution Panel", (1993) 6 New York International Law Review 85.

"Tort Law and Private Ordering", (1992) 35 St. Louis University Law Journal 623.

"Agricultural Zoning and Rent-Seeking", (1991) 23 Case Western Reserve Journal of International Law 125.

"Products Liability and the Allergic Consumer", in Products Liability, Matthew Bender, New York 1991.

"Vaccine Liability" in Products Liability, Matthew Bender, New York 1990.

"Property, Monopoly and Intellectual Rights", (1989) 12 Hamline L. Rev. 305 [symposium issue on "non-Posnerian Law and Economics"]

The US-Canada Free Trade Agreement: Now or Never, CATO Policy Analysis #105,CATO Institute 1988.

Action positive: theorie et consequences, [Affirmative Action: Theory and Consequences], Editions Yvon Blais, Montreal, 1988.

"Epistemologie juridique: le jugement constitue-t-il du Droit?", (1988) 17 Revue de droit, Universite de Sherbrooke 639.

"Real Servitudes and Contractual Intent" (1987) 42 Canadian Real Property Reports 110.

"Injunction vs. Damage Remedies in Quebec Nuisance Law", (1987) 42 Canadian Real Property Reports 38.

"Action positive, egalite, et justice" [Affirmative Action, Equality and Justice], (1987)17 Revue du droit, Universite de Sherbrooke 347.

"Vers une theorie economiqe de l'obligation quasi-contractuelle" [Towards an Economic Theory of Quasi-Contract], (1986) 31 McGill Law Journal 683.

"Nihilisme et Interpretation des lois" [Nihilism and Legal Interpretation], (1986) 20 Revue juridique Themis U. of Montreal Law Review 125.

"Action positive: une introduction philosophique critique" [Affirmative Action -- A Critical Philosophical Overview], (1985) 16 Revue de droit, Universite de Sherbrooke 461.

"Max Weber, Rationalism, and the Comparative Method", (1984) 62 Can. B. Rev. 451.

"Reflexions sur la retroactivite des lois" [Reflections on Retroactivity in Law], (1983) Revue generale du droit (U. of Ottawa Law Review) 287.

"Pacifisme, Strategie, et Traites de desarmement" [Pacifism, Strategy and Disarmament Treaties], (1982-83) 13 Revue de droit, Universite de Sherbrooke 211

"Caveat Emptor: Les malheurs du juriste international", (1981) 12 Etudes internationales210.

"La queue qui remue le chien: L'Interpretation des lois et l'Intention du legislateur" [The Tail Wagging the Dog: Legislative Intent and Legal Interpretation], (1980) 54 Can. Bar Rev. 756.

"Civil Wars and Foreign States" (1980) 5 Yale J. of International Law 173.

"Les Conflicts internes et les Etats-tiers: A la recherche de l'etat du droit", (1979) 10 Revue de droit, Universite de Sherbrooke 1.

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