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Hans Herman Hoppe, Université de Las Vegas (2002-2003)

Hans-Hermann Hoppe, an Austrian school economist and libertarian/anarcho-capitalist philosopher, is Professor Emeritus of Economics at UNLV, Distinguished Fellow with the Ludwig von Mises Institute, Founder and President of The Property and Freedom Society, and former Editor of the Journal of Libertarian Studies.

Recent & Selected Articles and Appearances

- The Economics of World Government (The Lew Rockwell Show #130, 18 Aug. 2009) (from Mises University 2009)

- Five lectures at Mises University 2009 (July 2009): Protection and the Market for Security; Economics of Political Centralization; Economics of Risk and Insurance: From Healthcare to Welfare; Law and Economics; Praxeology: The Austrian Method (video).

- Hoppe in Prague, 2009: “The Yield from Money Held Reconsidered,” Cuhel Memorial Lecture, Prague Conference on Political Economy, 2009: video; audio; speech on Rothbard and Kuehneldt-Leddihn; photo album, PCPE 2009; photo album, Pražská jarní přednáška 2009

- “Omyly teorie veřejných statků” [chapter on public goods], in Demokracie, anarchie a omyly ekonomie [Democracy, Anarchy and the Errors of Economics] (Praha: Alfa Nakladatelství [liberáln íinstitut], 2009)

- “The Western State as a Paradigm: Learning from History,” in Paul Gottfried, ed., Politics and Regimes: Religion & Public Life, Vol.30 (1997) (based on a paper presented at the Mont Pelerin Society Regional Meeting, Cape Town, South Africa, September 1995)

- The Role of the Property and Freedom Society in a Crazy World (May 21, 2009, Property and Freedom Society 2009 Annual Meeting Introductory Speech, Bodrum, Turkey)

- The Idea of a Private Law Society,, August 1, 2006

- Does the State Resolve or Create Conflict?,, March 16, 2006

- Reflections on State and War,, November 22, 2006 (talk delivered in Auburn, Alabama, on the occasion of Professor Hoppe’s receiving the Mises Institute’s 2006 Gary G. Schlarbaum Liberty Prize, delivered on October 27, 2006, at “Imperialism: Enemy of Freedom,” the Mises Institute Supporter’s Summit; speech available in MP3 audio from Mises Media)

- The Paradox of Imperialism,, November 20, 2006 (excerpted from Professor Hoppe’s Schlarbaum Award Acceptance Speech, delivered on October 27, 2006, at “Imperialism: Enemy of Freedom,” the Mises Institute Supporter’s Summit; speech available in MP3 audio from Mises Media)

- A Note on Preference and Indifference in Economic Analysis, Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics, Vol. 8, No. 4 (Winter 2005): 87-91

- The Rise and Fall of the City,, Nov. 23, 2005 (an extract of chapter 9 of Democracy: The God That Failed)

- The Intellectual Incoherence of Conservatism,, March 4, 2005

- Property, Causality, and Liability, Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics, Vol. 7, No. 4 (Winter 2004): 87-95
- Why Bad Men Rule,, Nov. 8, 2004

- Review of The Economics and Ethics of Private Property (Kluwer, 1993), by Walter Block, Journal des Economistes et des Etudes Humaines, vol. 7, num 1, Mars. 1996, pp. 161-165

- Book Review, The Failure of America’s Foreign Wars, Edited by Richard M. Ebeling and Jacob G. Hornberger, The Freeman: Ideas on Liberty, November 1996

- The Ethics and Economics of Private Property, in the Elgar Companion to the Economics of Private Property, Ed. Enrico Colombatto (London: Edward Elgar, 2004) (text version on; text version on

- Hans-Hermann Hoppe: Interviewed by Mateusz Machaj, English version of Socjaldemokratyczny Hayek, in Najwyzszy czas, September 2004

- Chicago Diversions, excerpt (discussing Coase) from chapter entitled “The Ethics and Economics of Private Property” in a forthcoming book

- Comment on Don Lavoie, Mont Pelerin Society, General Meeting, 1994

- In the Free Market, May a Businessman Hire Any Immigrant He Chooses?,, Sep. 22, 2004

- Presented 10 lecture series: Economy, Society, and History, Mises Institute, Auburn, Alabama, May 31-June 4, 2004 (Audio files)

- The Future of Liberalism. A Plea for a New Radicalism, Polis, Vol. 3,1, 1998

- Hans-Hermann Hoppe: A Unified Theory of Everything,, July 11, 2004, by Andy Duncan

- Murray N. Rothbard and the Ethics of Liberty, Introduction to the new edition of Murray N. Rothbard, The Ethics of Liberty (New York: New York University Press, 1998)

- Marxist and Austrian Class Analysis, Mises Institute, Auburn, Alabama, October 15, 1988 [Download (47:15)]

- From Welfare to Health Care, Vol.3 (Aldershot: Avebury, 1997)

- Hans-Hermann Hoppe: Walking on the wild side, by Andy Duncan (Henley),, October 16, 2003

- Marxist and Austrian Class Analysis, Journal of Libertarian Studies (Fall 1990)

- The Misesian Case Against Keynes, in: Mark Skousen, ed., Dissent on Keynes (New York: Praeger, 1992)

- Rothbardian Ethics,, May 20, 2002

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